Ends on February 28, 2019

$3.00 USD

We are seeking established and emerging storytellers to be featured in the next season of our podcast, Digging Through with Gessy Alvarez.

We are currently accepting fiction submissions only. Previously published stories are A-OKAY so long as you note where the story was published. Simultaneous and multiple submissions are accepted. Please be aware there is a fee per submission.


All entries must be 15 minutes or shorter. 15 minutes is roughly 3,000 words.


Send us mp3 files. Leave 10 seconds of room tone at its beginning and 10 seconds of room tone at its end. Please do not use special effects, music or any other elements in your recording.


Writers must hold the audio rights to the story. Begin voice recording with the “(Story Name) by (Author Name)” If applicable, add “first appeared on (publication name).”


Only submit author-read stories.


If accepted, we may further refine the audio using our in-house sound editor. Producing stories is very costly. There is a $3.00 fee which will help with the processing, hosting, and SoundCloud costs. Our budget doesn’t allow us to pay authors at this time.


The story is yours. It will continue to be yours. We retain the rights to the audio we produce. We also reserve the right to use 20% of the content for promotional purposes. In addition, we ask for a three-month exclusivity period where we ask that you do not publish the story in audio format in the period of three months from the date it appears on our podcast.


We shall do our best to respond within three months, but in some cases, this period may be longer. If you have not received a response from us within 120 days, please send an email inquiry to editor@diggingthroughthefat.com. Please do not contact our editors directly regarding the status of your submission via Twitter, Facebook, or any other personal social media accounts.