Digging Press, LLC is an independent publisher. We publish the literary and arts journal, Digging Through The Fat, and a chapbook series. We also produce the podcast, Digging Through with Gessy Alvarez. We began as a call for literary action in 2014. As an organization, we aim to fire up the fun in the literary and visual arts. We like experiments and even failures. We relish in the avant-garde.   We want to encourage creative risks and redefine our cultural narrative. 

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The Digging Press Chapbook Series Competition is open for submissions twice a year for fiction or poetry manuscripts between 16 – 30 pages. We are passionate about presenting a unique book design and offering editorial support. We aim to produce beautiful and artistic books. Selected manuscripts will have a small print-run, and authors will receive 20 copies plus $100 in payment.

Spring Entry Period: April 1 – June 15 

Fall Entry Period: August 1 – October 15 

Submission fee is $10. 


2018: Mandy-Suzanne Wong 

For more information regarding our upcoming submission periods: https://diggingthroughthefat.com/submissions/

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In 2014, we began Digging Through The Fat as a call for literary action. Now we are working on the first chapbook in our Digging Press Chapbook Series and a second print edition of Digging Through The Fat. We hope to showcase both at AWP 2019. As an independent journal and micro-press for cultural omnivores, we aim to fire up the fun in the literary and visual arts. 

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Ends on March 30, 2019

From February 1 to March 30, 2019, we welcome nonfiction submissions of typically less than 2,000 words in the following categories:

Reviews - books, film, music, art, and other
Q&A - short, question and answer interviews
Essays - critical or personal essays

Send no more than ONE piece during the reading period. Only previously unpublished works will be considered for publication.

Simultaneous submissions are accepted as long as they are indicated as such and the submission is withdrawn from Submittable immediately upon acceptance elsewhere.

We shall do our best to respond within three months, but in some cases, this period may be longer. If you have not received a response from us within 120 days, please send an email inquiry to editor@diggingthroughthefat.com. Please do not contact our editors directly regarding the status of your submission via Twitter and/or Facebook.

You will retain all ownership rights to the copyrights to your work. If your original work is later reprinted elsewhere, we ask that you please note its first publication here.

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